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GeoGuidebook - Geology Guidebook about the Park

GeoGuida - la guida geologica sul Parco The GeoGuidebook represents the most complete geological documentation on the Park available for both the general audience and the experts in the field. Written in a clear and synthetic way, it offers a detailed overview of the geological history of the Park.
The introduction provides essential information on the geological concepts and sets the Park in the latest two hundred million years of the evolution of our planet. The second part provides more information on the geological features of the Park and leads the visitor along the trails to observe the so-called Geostops, 23 windows open on the past of the Earth.
  • Available at the Park Visitor Center. Price: fr 30, in Italian or in English
  • The guidebook is written and edited by Rudolf Stockar, Museo cantonale di storia naturale Lugano

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Overall Guidebook - All the Park Features

Guida generale - tutti gli aspetti del Parco The overall guidebook offers an overview of the geological, naturalistic, and historical aspects of the Park. Published in the series "Memorie" by Società ticinese di Scienze naturali in 2007, it presents the most recent overview of the scientific knowledge about the Park and represents an ideal integration to the GeoGuidebook.
  • Available at the Park Visitor Center
  • Price: fr 30.

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Thematic Folders

Pieghevoli tematici The Park has published a tourist folder containing the essential information to visit the area. Available in Italian, French, German or English.
The publication is completed by a thematic folder dedicated to bats.

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The Caves of Mt. Generoso

Le Grotte del Monte Generoso No cavities have been found in the Park territory yet. However, the area of Mt. Generoso, and in particular the upper part of Breggia Valley, is characterized by several and deep karstic systems.
The book "Grotte, sorgenti e abissi del Monte Generoso", published in the series "Memorie" by Società ticinese di Scienze Naturali, illustrates the fascinating underground world of Mt. Generoso.
  • Available at the Park Visitor Center
  • Price: fr 30.

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Since the second half of the 19th century, over 250 scientific publications mention the lower Muggio Valley or directly Gole della Breggia Park. Most of these publications are geological studies, since the other scientific aspects have been discovered only later.

Bibliography (PDF, Italian text - 1,1Mb)