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The Park Routes

The Park offers a wide range of points of interest and itineraries, not only geological, but also historical, landscape, or naturalistic.

1. The Historical Route (from Ghitello to Mulin da Canaa)

The route leaves from Mulino del Ghitello (Visitor Center) and runs along the river Breggia. You will find along the trail the old cement works, the iron bridge, the group of buildings of the pasta factory (Beerhouse) and the big Saceba cement works. The series of factories covers a period going from the 17th century to present times.
Beyond the big cement works and after crossing the river, the route follows Val dala Magna and gets to San Pietro hill, where you will find the ruins of a medieval castle and the Red Church. From here you will enjoy a great view over the Park territory.

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2. The Geological Route (from Mulin da Canaa to Ghitello)

The pale and clearly stratified rocks you can see in the riverbed at Mulin da Canaa are the most ancient rocks in the Park: they are flint sandstones 190 million years old. Going downstream, they become richer in clay and fossils (Ammonites): it is dangerous (and forbidden) try to pick up the latter!! Before reaching Farügin bridge, you can easily see the red strata of the Ammonite, where over 800 different species of this fossil molluscs have been found!

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