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The Project of the "Cement Route"

Since the 1960s, Saceba cement works has been characterizing the landscape at the entrance of Gole della Breggia. The cement produced has contributed to the building of dams, bridges and viaducts, public and private buildings in the whole Canton of Ticino. Saceba buildings cover a flat area of about 4 ha in the heart of Gole della Breggia Park, established after 1998 to safeguard the extraordinary geological and landscape features of the site.

At the end of 2003, Holcim (Switzerland) SA, the new owner of the site, ended the activity of the cement works. This decision opened new unexpected possibilities of great interest for the local community and the Park. Holcim, consistently with its environmental, social, and economic responsibilities, accepted the proposal to work on a project of landscape rehabilitation in collaboration with the local Authorities.
The project, now at its final stage, is the result of an intense collaboration between public and private sectors, and represents a good starting point for the development and implementation of other opportunities.

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