Parco delle Gole della Breggia


The Park Services

Besides guided visits (including the new Cement Route opened in June 2012) and educational activities, the Foundation Gole della Breggia Park also puts at disposal a small souvenirs and typical products shop and two meeting halls:

  • Olive Press Hall: for meetings, conferences, small symposia, dinners, celebrations, and exhibits. The premise is characterized by the presence of an ancient mill used in the past to crush oil seeds, walnuts, and olives. It is still possible to admire the hydraulic mechanisms for the activation of the stone wheel. The hall can welcome 45-55 people and can be equipped with tables and chairs, as well as with audiovisual and projection equipment.

  • Documentation Center: for meetings or small symposia. The hall can welcome 15-20 people and has audiovisual and projection equipment.

The halls have independent access, with car park at the entrance of Mulino del Ghitello.

Further information

Guided Visits

  • Gole della Breggia Park is open to the public. On demand, the Park Authority provides a brochure and all the necessary information.
  • Visits, guided activities and the Cement Trail are subject to a fee. The Park offer include activities for all group types and school level.
  • The activities organized by the Foundation, by the Association Amici del Parco della Breggia, and by the Commissions are announced through the means of information.
  • Behaviour rules

Further information

Bookings: For guided visits, booking is required at least 10 days in advance, specifying the number of participants, the chosen itinerary, and the telephone number of the contact person.
If you are interested, please contact Regione Valle di Muggio (Tel. 091/6822016 - Fax 091/6822018, or

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