Pfyn-Finges nature park (candidate)
Identity Card
IUCN Cat.: V
Surface Area: 31.886,00 ha
Establishment: 2005
  • Rosensee (photo by PR Pfyn-Finges)
  • Leuk - Rhone (photo by PR Pfyn-Finges)
  • Illgraben - Illhorn (photo by PR Pfyn-Finges)

Astonish yourselves!

Charming nature, joy of life, living the moment. Just being.

Pfyn-Finges nature park is distinguished by its biodiversity and its cultural heritage. Located on the French-German language border, the park allows for the experience of different cultures and ways of mind.

The Pfyn wood is protected by Canton Vaud since 1997. Hiking through the park, it is possible to observe the Illgraben, Switzerland's largest debris flow; flower meadows and the wild Rhone, together with dry steppes and vast floodplains.

This hiking paradise offers numerous breathtaking sights: the Plainemorte glacier above Crans Montana, the Raspille gorges in Mollens and numerous waterfalls scattered on the park's territory, as well as the wild and romantic alpine valley of Turtmann. Human works include the De Villa and Mercier castles in Sierre, and the bishop's castle in Leuk.

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