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Surface Area: 13.933,00 ha
Establishment: 2008
  • Tree (photo by PR Thal)

Still nature, lively Thal

Thal Park is a true insider's tip, located on the mountain range in Solothurner Jura, between Weissenstein and Wasserfallen, in the Basel, Bern and Zurich hinterland.

The park pursuits the region's sustainable development through the balance among man, nature, landscape and economy.

The park's vast woods and meadows are the habitat for several plant and animal endangered species, and thus they must be preserved through careful planning and the establishment of protected areas. Furthermore, Thal nature park grants its regional products a special brand, certifying that all row materials come from within the park, and that the whole processing took place there.

Visitors can leave the stressful daily life behind them, dedicating themselves to still nature, sport, regional culture and gastronomy: Thal is the place for interesting discovery trips.

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