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Environmental Education

Courses and Training

Environmental Education The Omora Workshop is an elective course in the Puerto Williams Elementary School that has been carried out since 2000.
  • 2005-2006: "The impact of invasive mink on wetland birds and the importance of wetlands on Navarino Island.”
    Puerto Williams Elementary School 2005-2006.
    Coordinator: José Tomás Ibarra, master’s student, Universidad Católica de Chile.
    Supported by the Fund for Environmental Protection of the National Environmental Commission, Fund for Environmental Protection.

  • 2004-2005: "Ethno-ornithology of the austral temperate forests," coordinated with the Senda Darwin Foundation on Chiloé Island and Puerto Williams Elementary School.
    For more information check out Explora or the official of the Senda Darwin Foundation (Spanish only).

  • 2003-2004: “The micro-biodiversity of Cape Horn.”
    Puerto Williams Elementary School.
    Coordinators: Margaret Sherriffs and Silvina Ippi.  Financed by: Explora-CONICYT.
    For more information, see the summaries (PDF file) from the Regional Science Fair or an Omora Park poster (PDF file).

Collaboration with Universities

With the Universtity of Magallanes...

Omora works closely with the University of Magallanes in Punta Arenas in the areas of research and education.
In particular a strong link has been developed with the Masters in Sub-Antarctic Marine Resource Management with the Department of Natural Sciences and Resources.
Various masters projects are currently being carried out on Isla Navarino by UMAG students, including a genetic study of kelp forests (Mycrocystis pyrifera) and a project looking at the role of Magellanic woodpeckers (Camephilus magellanicus) in the world’s most austral forests.
For more information on the UMAG’s masters program, contact Dr. Andrés Mansilla or visit www.umag.cl

With Andrés Bello University in Santiago...

With the ecotourism department of the Andrés Bello University in Santiago, Omora is developing internships for ecotourism majors in the Omora Park.
Please contact Mitzi Acevedo if you are interested in participating.

Further activities

  • Southern South American Bryology (January 2003) taught by Dr. Bernard Goffinet, Dr. Bill Buck and Dr. Shaun Russell.

  • Conference on Biocultural Conservation and Environmental Ethics in the Chilean Sub-Antarctic Region (2002), co-sponsored with the Chilean Antarctic Provincial Government and the University of Magallanes

  • Workshop on Teaching Schoolyard Ecology (2002) co-sponsored with AVINA and the National Audubon Society

  • Ecotourism and Ecology (2002), co-sponsored with the Chilean Corporation for Indigenous Development

  • Environmental Ethics and Biocultural Conservation (2001 & 2002), offered through the University of Magallanes, Chile

Omora Scholarships

In November 2001 the Omora Foundation awarded the first Omora Scholarships to Franco Gómez Torres and Cristobol Raín.
The scholarship provided funds for the students to complete internships in the Omora Park during their summer vacations.

For multi-ethnic Environmental Education material and Student Projects, go to the section "Education" in the official web site of The Omora Foundation.