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Protected Areas in Denmark
Nature conservation in Denmark is based on a broad philosophy of long-term planning and protection. Legislation on protected areas does not operate within the formalised structure of parks and reserves. Thus, it is not possible to categorise reserves in the same way as in many other countries. Categories protected under individual conservation orders may nonetheless be termed, following the IUCN classification, nature reserves, major conservation areas, or areas of national biological importance, national monuments and protected biotopes; these are managed at a local level, but most of them are also classified as Ramsar or EU sites. They cover 5.6% of the territory.
Even though there are no National Parks at the moment in Denmark (without considering the Greenland National Park), 7 areas have been pointed out to develop a Danish model for national parks through pilot projects. The pilot project phase will run until July 2005.

Sources: Danish Forest and Nature Agency; UNEP - WCMC; "I Parchi Naturali Europei" (R. Gambino, 1994, NIS)

Potential National Parks

  • Læsø
  • Vadehavet
  • Gribskov/Esrum Sø
  • Thy
  • Lille Vildmose
  • Mols Bjerge
  • Møn

Nature Reserves

  • Agger Tange
  • Anholt, Totten
  • Arreskov Soe
  • Asaa - Geraa
  • Bosserne/Lindholm
  • Bovet - Knotten
  • Draaby Vig
  • Dybsø Fjord
  • Ertholmene
  • Farvandet omkring Ageroe samt Skibsted
  • Hals - Egense
  • Hanstholm reservatet
  • Harbooere Tange mv
  • Helleholm Vejle
  • Hesseloe med omgivende vande
  • Holsteinborg
  • Horsens Noerrestrand
  • Hov Vig
  • Hyllekrog
  • Kalveboderne
  • Langli
  • Loegstoer Bredning
  • Loennerup Fjord
  • Majboelle
  • Mariager Fjord
  • Naeraa - Agernaes
  • Noerskov Vig
  • Odense Fjord
  • Raagoe
  • Ringkoebing Fjord
  • Saltholm med omgivende vande
  • Skarrehage
  • Soedring
  • Stavns Fjord og Vejroe mv
  • Taars Vig
  • Tipperne og Klaegbanken
  • Tissoe
  • Toendermarsken
  • Troldhede, Nr. Vium og Soeby Soe
  • Vadehavet
  • Vejlerne
  • Vest Stadil Fjord
  • Vestamager
  • Voersaa - Stensnaes
  • Vorsoe med farvand


National Parks

  • Greenland National Park