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Surface Area: 24.400,00 ha
Establishment: 2008
  • Landscape (photo by PN Thy)
  • Hanstholm (photo by PN Thy)
  • Landscape (photo by PN Thy)

Denmark's largest wilderness

The national park covers Thy's western coast line by the North Sea. The characteristic and unspoiled dune heaths have been created by the sea, the wind, the salt and the sand. Large plantations and some of Denmark's cleanest lakes complete the picture of Denmark's largest wilderness. A perfect place for plants, birds, animals and humans who enjoy a lot of space, high skies and lots of fresh air. The extent of the dune heath in Thy, you will only find at few other places in Europe.

Everywhere nature shows signs from the wind and the rough environment. Hiking among leaning, crooked, wind-shaped trees, or staying overnight in shelters listening to the roar of the waves are exciting nature experiences. Lookout towers and points near the hiking trails give you the opportunity to watch animals and birds, especially if you bring binoculars.

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