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Surface Area: 54.251,00 ha
Establishment: 1969
  • Pini (Pinus pinea) (photo by PN Doñana)

Doñana is a land of contrasts, a mosaic of different landscapes where a wide variety of plants and animals live. Thanks to its extension and its strategic position, this natural space represents an important wintering site for migratory birds, as well as one of Europe's most important wetlands.

Doñana Natural Space, which is made up by the national park and the natural park of the same name, is a paradise for those who are interested in ornithology. At the beginning of autumn and during the winter it is possible to observe thousands of waterbirds of the anatidae family coming from northern Europe. Storks, herons and swallows, among others, arrive from Africa in the spring and winter, looking for food and a milder climate.

This is a privileged place for the variety of landscapes: pine woods and Mediterranean shrublands which are home to the Spanish imperial eagle and the rare Iberian lynx; fossil dunes along the coast, where it is possible to observe the cliff of Asperillo, declared natural monument for its beauty and singularity; the shallow water in the marshes, which constitute a feeding and breeding place for countless birds.

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