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Mercantour National Park is welcome by its inhabitants

For the first time in the history of Mercantour National Park (but also of most of the French national parks), an opinion poll has been carried out by BVA institute to assess the acceptance level of the Park by its inhabitants. The results have been really encouraging, although many efforts are still necessary in the fields of local development and information.

The results of the opinion poll were presented on Friday 22nd June 2007 in Saint Martin Vésubie, during the meeting between the Mayors of the Park Municipalities and the Park Authority members. The aim of the meeting was to present the developments of the enforcement of the reform law of National Parks voted in April 2006, including a project regarding the territory of Mercantour: the "Charter of the National Park". The project will undergo a public election in 2010 and will then be presented to the 28 Park Municipalities.