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Typical Products

Characterized by a great natural and cultural variety, Mercantour valleys have been able to develop traditional agricultural productions, creating several gastronomic specialties. From pasta to cheese, to olive oil: the dishes you will taste in Mercantour will reveal a surprising richness.


Cheese Cheese production in the territory of Mercantour is ensured by small producers who often prefer direct sale or sale in the small local markets.
According to the season, cheese is produced in agricultural holdings or in summer grazing lands. The traditional recipe of cheese with pressed and raw texture has many variations, according to the valleys and producers: flavored with wormwood, with grey (Carline) or blond (Miche Gavotte) rind.
Traditional cheese also include tomme de la Brigue, produced by a few cattle breeders in Roya valley, and tomme de la Vésubie.

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Cold Cuts

In the past, the inland was mainly characterized by a consumption of poultry, rabbits, and pork meat. Today, pork meat processing is the most common practice in the region: the ham produced in Ubaye and Saint-Martin-d'Entraunes area is salted and flavored with local herbs (juniper, laurel, thyme); the specialties of Roure are flavored with walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, bilberries, or olives.
The area of Ubaye is characterized by a particular specialty, called fumeton: it is a smoked and dried mutton leg.

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Other Products

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