Brijuni National Park
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Surface Area: 743,30 ha
Sea Surface: 2.651,70 ha
  •  (photo by PN Brijuni)
  •  (photo by PN Brijuni)
  •  (photo by PN Brijuni)

Extraordinary archipelago

Along the western Istrian coast there are several island groups. The largest and most interesting is the Brijuni island group, with its 14 islands and islets covering an area of 7.42kmq. The shores are mostly low and rocky but easily accessible due to the horizontal stratification of the rocks; in some bays pebbles and sand can be found. The main characteristic of the Brijuni archipelago is the extraordinary biological diversity, thanks to its geographical location, its geological base and geomorphology, its habitat diversity and its isolation. The natural biological diversity was enriched by men's traditional husbandry.

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