Fertő-Hanság national park
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Surface Area: 23.730,90 ha
Establishment: 1991
  • Bar-tailed godwit on lake FertÅ‘ (photo by PN Fertő-Hanság)

At the West-gate of Hungary, tales were told of an enigmatic land. The mysterious water world of the Lake Fertő and the Hanság changed a lot over time. The lake and the man-shaped Hanság-area are  today a natural treasure, guarded by a common national park of two countries, as Fertő-Hanság constitutes a transboundary protected area together with the Austrian national park of Neusiedl-Seewinkel. Due to the conservation efforts of the two neighbouring countries, the interested visitor can now enjoy nature, hike or just relax in those beautiful areas that were once barred by the Iron Curtain.   


The Region of Lake Fertő, the westernmost Eurasian steppe lake, is a meeting point of climatic zones, floristic and zoogeographic provinces. These features, unique for Europe, and the diversity of habitats on a small area have determined the look of the landscape for thousands of years. The survival of this landscape was partly aided by the people that have lived here almost continuously since ancient times in harmony with nature, using its resources with care. As an appreciation of its cultural and natural heritage, Fertő region (both the Hungarian and the Austrian part) was awarded in December 2001 the World Heritage title, in the category "Cultural Landscape".

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