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Tsavo East National Park


How to get there

By Car

Approaching map
  • From Nairobi or Mombasa
    off the main highway, the Park is accessible through the main Voi gate, located 6 km north of Voi town or the gates at Mtito Andei (nearest to Nairobi), Manyani (38 km north of Voi) or Buchuma gate (50 km southeast of Voi town).

  • From Malindi
    enter via Sala gate (110 km west of Malindi) on the eastern boundary of the Park. Ithumba gate is accessible through Kibwezi and Kitui, but visitors are advised to use 4WD vehicles and to contact the Warden in advance to book entry at this gate.

  • Entry gates:
    • Voi (main gate)
    • Mtito Andei
    • Buchuma
    • Manyani
    • Sala
    • Ithumba

By Plane


  • Airstrips exist at Voi, Buchuma, Sala, Manyani, Konu Moju and Ithumba.