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Tsavo East National Park

Protected Area

Approaching map
  • Park Authority: Kenya Wildlife Service
  • Headquarters: PO Box 40241 Nairobi, Kenya
  • Park Headquarters: PO Box 14 Voi, Kenya
  • Area: 11,747 km2
  • Towns: Voi
  • Established in: April 1948
  • Further information: www.kws.org

Tsavo East National Park

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On behalf of the government and people of Kenya, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) welcomes you to Tsavo East National Park, one of the world's largest and most famous national parks.
Our sphere of protection is wide, extending over 50 national parks and reserves and covering more than 10 million acres of Earth's most precious yet fragile biological assets. We are committed to ensurlng the financial self-sufficiency and biological sustainability of all areas that lie within our domain as well as to offering an ever-expanding range of tourism options for the enjoyment of our visitors. We thank you for your support.
As Kenya spans a diversity of habitats, from coral reefs to snow-capped peaks, and offers a magnificent range of wildlife encompassing Earth's most ancient ones to those most urgently threatened, it is our hope that you will want to return to Kenya's national parks and reserves again and again. Experience Kenya. Explore our national, natural treasures!
We wish you the safari of a lifetime.


Southeast Kenya, inland from the coast, at an altitude of 229-2,000 metres above sea level.
From Nairobi:
  • 240 km to Mtito Andei gate
  • 298 km to Mayani gate
  • 344 km to Voi gate

From Mombasa:

  • 102 km to Bachuma gate
  • 157 km to Voi gate
  • 189 km to Manyani


Warm to hot, and dry. Temperatures range from 20-40°C.
Rainfall delivers 200 mm-700 mm per year during the “long rains” of March-May and the “short rains” of October-December.

When to go

The Park is open all year. The roads are well gradad and efficiently maintained.

Geology of Glorious Game Drives

Lion Tsavo East is a vast flat lava plain, broken by the sinuous Galana River, the seasonal Voi River in the southern corner of park and the Tiva River which meanders in the remote northern reaches. The jagged cliffs of Yatta Plateau, an ancient eroded lava flow, rise in hazy curves above the tangle of grey-green thorn bush.
Amidst amazing herds of wildlife, beneath vast savannah skies, rejoin the finest of our natural world as you explore one of the last remaining absolute wildernesses on Earth, in primeval solitude.

“Man-eaters” and Mane-less Lions

Tsavo achieved notoriety in the early 1900's when the "Man-eaters of Tsavo", a pair of rogue lions, gruesomely preyed on the builders of the Kenya-Uganda Railway.
More famous today are Tsavo's mane-less lions that patrol the plains and stalk the herbivore herds. Lion can often be spotted near Kanderi Swamp and around Aruba Dam while leopard are best spotted near Mudanda Rock.