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Visiting the Park

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Elephants crossing the road

Visitor Security

All Kenya Wildlife Service Parks and Reserves have a good record of visitor safety to match their reputation of scenic beauty and rich biodiversity.
Our Park Rangers, who are well trained and equipped, carry out regular patrols of all major tourist circuits in the Parks. The rangers ensure that visitors are secure from potentiality dangerous wild animals or poachers. They also ensure that all visitors to the Parks are well guided while on game drives.

Further important information

Opening hours

Daily 6.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. No entry after 6.15 p.m. No entry allowed on foot. Walking or hikes allowed in designated areas only and in the company of a KWS Ranger.
Contact the park Warden or KWS HQ for specific information.


Entry is by KWS SmartCard only.
Cards can be obtained and loaded at the main Voi gate.
Note: ICWS SmartCards may also be obtained and loaded at KWS HQ in Nairobi, ICWS regional office in Mombasa or at the KWS office in Malindi and from the Lake Nakuru National Park HQ and Aberdare National Park HQ at their main gates.

Park Entry Fees

KWS Ranger and Guide Services

To explore the park on foot, the service of a KWS Ranger is required due to the high density of potentially dangerous wildlife. As a knowledgeable naturalist, a KWS Ranger may be booked in advance through the Warden.
A guide from the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association can be arranged through the Warden or the Nairobi KPSGA office - Tel: +254 (0)2 609355.