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Protected areas in Poland

The establishment of a system of protected areas with the aim of the conservation of biological diversity is one of the priority directions of action in Poland's nature conservation. Pursuant to the Nature Conservation Act, this system consists of national parks, nature reserves, landscape parks and protected landscape areas. MAB biosphere reserves and wetlands of international importance are also part of the Polish nature heritage.

National Parks in Poland constitute the biggest form of nature protection. The park protects an area distinctive for its unique scientific, natural, cultural and educational values. A national park protects the entire nature and specific landscape features within its borders. The main task of a national park is to study and preserve the unity of natural systems of the area, as well as to restore the disturbed or extinct elements of a native nature. The park is open to visitors, but nature conservation is its main objective and has priority over all other activities.

MAB Biosphere Reserves ideally consists of a "protected area", an adjacent managed use area" and a broader "zone of cooperation." The protected area is legally protected from activity which would adversely affect the natural features of the area.
The main functions of biosphere reserves are:
- conservation of important biological resources;
- development of environmentally sound economic growth;
- support of environmental research, monitoring, education, and training.

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