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National Parks

  • Bella Vista
  • Caaguazú
  • Cabrera Timane
  • Cerro Corá
  • Chovoreca
  • Defensores del Chaco
  • Lago Ypoá
  • Médanos del Chaco
  • Ñacunday
  • Paso Bravo
  • Río Negro
  • San Luis
  • Tentiente Agripino Enciso
  • Tinfunqué
  • Ybycuí
  • Ypacaraí

Natural Monuments

  • Cerros Kói y Chororí
  • Kuri'y
  • M. Cient. Moisés Bertoni
  • Macizo Acahay

Biological Reserves

  • Itabó
  • Limoy
  • Yacyreta

Ecological Reserves

  • Capiibary
  • Cerro Cabrera
  • Reserve p/National Park Estero Milagro
  • Serranías de S. Joaquín

Ecological Reserves - Managed Resources Reserves (RRM)

  • RRM Hill Sarambí

Managed Resource Reserves

  • San Rafael
  • Ybytyruzú

Biological Refuges

  • Carapá
  • Mbaracayu
  • Pikyry
  • Tati Yupi

Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar)

  • Estero Milagro
  • Lago Ypoá
  • Laguna Chaco Lodge
  • Laguna Teniente Rojas Silva
  • Río Negro
  • Tifunque

World Heritage Convention

  • Jesuit Missions of La Santisima Trinidad de Parana and Jesus de Tavarangue

UNESCO-MAB Biosphere Reserves

  • Bosque Mbaracayú
  • El Chaco
Protected Areas in Paraguay
Secretaría del Ambiente (SEAM) is responsible for the elaboration of policies, the coordination of monitoring activities, and the implementation of environmental plans and actions, programs and projects regarding the protection, conservation, recovery, and management of natural resources, according to what established in the National Development Plan.

Moreover, it deals with the ecological and environmental organization in general, aiming at a permanent improvement of the life conditions of local people, to guarantee economic growth, social equality, and long-term ecological sustainability.

SEAM is formed by various Departments and Directorate-General managing different environmental aspects, collaborating one with the other to preserve the environment, so that it can be handed down to future generations.

Source: Secretaría del Ambiente (SEAM) - WCPA