Fulufjället National Park
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Surface Area: 38.500,00 ha
Establishment: 2002

The most southerly mountain national park in Sweden

Because no reindeers graze here the mountain moor is covered with lichens. Fulufjället rises like a plateu in the landscape, steep sides and flat on top. In the winter it looks like a giant, frosted cake! Other mountains in Sweden are made of primary rock like granite. Fulufjället is made of sandstone. The sand was deposited and packed in a shallow sea by the equator 900 million years ago. Maybe you will find stones with marks like waves on your hike – a memory from when Fulufjället was the bottom of a sea. Not much grows in sand. Plants who don’t need much nutrition thrive on mount Fulufjället, like mosses and lichens.

The park's notable features include Njupeskär, Sweden's highest waterfall; Gäljån, the world’s oldest tree and, among the animals, Siberian Jays and Gyr Falcon.

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