Kosterhavet National Park
Identity Card
Surface Area: 38.878,00 ha
Establishment: 2009
  • Lighthouse on Ursholmen island (photo by PN Kosterhavet)
  • Brown algae (photo by PN Kosterhavet)

The first marine national park in Sweden

On the west coast of Sweden, on the border to Norway, the first marine national park in Sweden is established. The marine environment here is influenced by the Atlantic and it includes habitats and species found nowhere else in Swedish waters.

This area, Kosterhavet, is also a valuable recreational resource - it is one of Sweden´s most visited tourist destinations - and has an important inshore fishery, mostly for prawns and Norwegian lobsters. Protecting and maintaining the natural and economic wealth of Kosterhavet is one of the great challenges in managing this new national park. The Kosterhavet National Park was inaugerated in september 2009.

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