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National Nature Parks

  • Carpathian / Karpats'kyi (www)
  • Shatsky
  • Synevyr (www)
  • Azovo-Syvasky
  • Vyzhnytsky (www)
  • Podilski Tovtry (www)
  • Svyaty Gory
  • Yavorivsky
  • Desniano-Starogutsky
  • Skolivs'ki Beskydy (www)

Nature Reserves

  • Kanivskyi
  • Krymskyi / Crimean
  • Ukrainian Steppe
  • Luganskyi
  • Polisky
  • Martian Cape
  • Yalta Moutain-Forest
  • Karadag
  • Roztochya
  • Dniprovsko-Orilsky
  • Medobory
  • Yelanetsky Steppe
  • Horgany / Gorgany
  • Kazantypsky
  • Opuksky
  • Rivnensky

Biosphere Reserves

  • Askania-Nova
  • Black Sea (Chornomorski)
  • Karpatu / Carpathian (www)
  • Dunaiski / Danubian

Regional Landscape Parks

  • Stuzhitsia
  • Nadsyanskyi
Protected Areas in Ukraine
The biological and landscape diversity of Ukraine is considered as national heritage. Biodiversity conservation has become a priority issue of national conservation policy, since it is a necessary prerequisite for the sustainable, balanced socio-economical development of the country.
The Law On Nature Conservation Fund [protected territories and objects] of Ukraine (1992) provides a classification of nature conservation territories and objects. There are two major groups:
  1. natural territories and objects, and
  2. artificially created objects and complexes.

The first group includes the following categories: Nature Reserves, Biosphere Reserves, National Nature Parks, Regional Landscape Parks, Nature Monuments, Protected Localities. The second group includes Botanical Gardens, Dendrological Parks, Zoological Parks, Park-Monuments of Landscape Architecture and Horticultural Art.

The Nature Reserve Lands of Ukraine cover 3.9% of the country's territory.

Source: "National Report of Ukraine on Conservation of Biological Diversity" by the Ministry for Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety of Ukraine (2000)