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IUCN Cat.: V
Surface Area: 452.800,00 ha
Establishment: 2003
  • Blair Castle (photo by PN Cairngorms)
  • View of Cairngorms from Loch Morlich (photo by PN Cairngorms)

The Cairngorms National Park is Britain's largest National Park. It contains within it a unique range of landscapes, wildlife, habitats, and people. Britain's highest and most massive mountain range; its biggest native forests; spectacularly clean rivers and lochs; moorland and farmland and a stronghold for Britain's wildlife - this special place offers the warmest of welcomes from people who live and work here.

The Cairngorms National Park has a large mountain range at its heart with diverse communities around it. It is home to 25 per cent of Britain's threatened species and includes unique mountainous areas of wild land, moorlands, forests, rivers, lochs and glens. Sites designated as of importance to natural heritage take up 39 per cent of the land area - two thirds of these are of Europe-wide importance.

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