Dellacasa Andreina
Via Villa Cascine di sotto, 2/H, 16039, Sestri Levante (GE)
Mobile: 338/6038085,
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Other services
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Andreina Dellacasa
Tour guide
Nature and Walking guide
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian
Available for hiking and trekking
Experiential Tourism
Tourists won’t be mere spectators: they will live an active experience that enriches them culturally and personally; they won’t take home only pictures, but emotions and lasting memories, and probably a greater sensitivity and wider views.

The key is visiting a place using all 5 senses!
Change of perspective

My role as a guide won’t put me centre stage in a simple show-and-tell approach.

We’ll change perspective: my role will be to help the tourist enhance their experience during the visit.

I will be the interpreter between the historical, natural, archaeological, religious heritage and the tourist, to help them find meaning to what they see and touch, what they smell, what moves them.

Heritage Interpretation & Protection
By following me, you’ll take part in something educational, entertaining and sensitising. We will create cognitive and emotional connections between a site, or artistic and natural treasure, and the visitor with their past, their knowledge and personal sphere.

The interpretation reveals a story, conveys a deep message, makes the visit a true experience, and improves learning, enduring memory and sensitivity for heritage protection.
Amazement & Wonder
We will be at the centre of the communication triangle of interpreter (guide), object of interpretation (Nature reserve, path, site, monument) and visitor.

During our walks we will build tension, mystery, provocation, to go “wow!” upon reaching the crucial spots.

We will inspire amazement and wonder, and create the conditions to stun all the people I accompany.

Bon voyage!
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