Pennella Giulietta
Via Benedicenti, 16, 19123, La Spezia (SP)
Mobile: 388/1664928,
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Giulietta Pennella, Cinque Terre National Park recommended guide
Hi, my name is Giulietta and I am a Nature and Walking Guide. I’m German but I’ve lived in La Spezia for 30 years.
Back in 1980 I came for the first time to Cinque Terre, which were still a Geheimtip (secret tip), and fell in love with them on the spot; so much that I decided to move to Italy. It will be my pleasure to take you walking in this wonderful land and share its secrets with you.

Available for Trekking, Boat, Hiking
Languages: German (native speaker), English and Italian

Giulietta Pennella Wanderf├╝hrerin im Nazionalpark 5 Terre
Hallo mein Name ist Giulietta und ich bin Wanderführerin. Ich bin Deutsche,lebe aber schon seit nunmehr 30 Jahren in La Spezia. Ich kam das erste Mal im Jahr 1980 in die 5 Terre ,die damals noch als Geheimtip galten , was man unterdessen nicht mehr sagen kann. Ich habe mich sofort in dieses Gebiet verliebt und das hat auch meine Entscheidung beeinflusst nach Italien "auszuwandern" und hier bin ich dann auch geblieben. Ich freue mich darauf mein Wissen und meine Begeisterung mit euch zu teilen.
Giulietta Pennella Hiking Guide Nacional Parc of 5 Terre
Hello my name is Giulietta and I'm a qualified hiking guide.I'm German but it's since 30 years that i live in La Spezia. First time I came to 5 Terrre was in 1980 when everything was quiet different from now. Immediately I fell in love with these places and decided to move to Italy to live here. I would like to share the beautiful landscapes  and trasmit my love for nature with you.
The value of walking
When one walks, it is not only the abstract thoughts in their brain moving; their flesh and blood start moving as well, so that the unconscious knowledge that lies in their organs can stir, go up and resurface in the conscience.
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