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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Further questions about Federparchi

Further questions about Italian Protected Areas

Federparchi and the web site Technical Manager often receive E-mail containing similar questions or requests;
In this page you will find some examples, and the corresponding answers.

Q: We have created a new web site about a Park: can you link us?
  • A:, organized by Federparchi (the Italian Federation of Parks and Nature Reserves) and published online by the technical manager ComunicAzione, has more than 150 authors: first of all, Federparchi itself, and then the Park Authorities, but also the involved Regional Councillor’s Departments, and the Department of the Environment. In this way, each of the thousands of pages of the portal, although structured in a consistent manner to make the navigation easier, has its specific author, the only responsible subject for its insertion and updating, including the links. It is therefore necessary to contact this author so that it can consider the opportunity to link your site.

Q: How can I consult the degree theses?

  • A: Starting from the page of the degree theses it is possible to follow the link leading to the theses related to each faculty (for instance, the Faculty of Agriculture);
    if the title of the thesis is underlined, it will be possible to follow the link and see the whole text;
    if the title is not underlined, it must be considered as a mere indication, and to consult the whole text you can contact with an E-mail the author or the tutor (there is usually a link to their electronic mail box).

Q: How can I find a job in the Parks?

  • A: The fastest way is to consult the feature pages dedicated to the work in the Parks: they are divided into Announcement of Competition and Competitions and Calls for Tender, where it is also possible to subscribe to the mailing lists, so that you will automatically receive the announcements published by the Parks in this field.

Q: How can I become a volunteer in the Parks?

  • A: First of all, it is necessary to contact each Park to know if there is the availability or not; another way is to subscribe to our mailing lists on voluntary work, so that you can automatically receive the announcements published by the Parks in this field, which can also be found in the page dedicated to voluntary work.

Q: Can I use the photos I have found in for a publication of mine?

  • A: Each image you find on the web site has been provided by the author of the page; the whole portal is divided into modules, and each of them has its own author (usually the Park Authority of the protected area or the Region, or the Department of the Environment).
    It is therefore necessary to contact the above-mentioned Authorities to agree about the use of the images.