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Parco del Circeo

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Parco della Sila

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The New National Parks - Where have we got up to? (Italian text)

Nowadays in our Country there are 22 National Parks, and 2 more are waiting to be established. They cover on the whole a surface of one million and a half hectares, about the 5% of the national territory.
The national parks complete the safeguard carried out by the regional parks and vice versa, and they deal with very wide territories (at least, for our national reality) by involving several Towns.
Therefore, besides the great administrative variety (since they have been established by and depend on the Ministero dell'Ambiente) the national parks also differ for their management of a wide and varied territory characterized by a relevant human presence.
Besides planning and supervising, the national parks should also highlight their being a means to make the most of the local realities and to link them one to the other: in other words, they should help them to find in the beauty (and fragility) of the territory in which they are situated an element of cohesion, the key resource to their development.
The marine parks are also gaining an important role in the national safeguard project: they are aimed to protect in an integral manner stretches of sea and of coast (often entire islands or archipelagoes) presenting unique environmental elements and landscapes which are typical of the Mediterranean area.

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