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For children... and not only!
Mysterious characters and nice small animals will lead you to discover the world of Parks...
You will have the opportunity to have fun and at the same time walk, observe, learn, and find the way, recognize the animals and their traces, listen to the sounds of the wood.
Quizzes, drawings to download and color, puzzles, virtual visits... and this is only the beginning!

Have a good time!

Witch Intemperia

Witch Intemperia

Hey kids! Witch Intemperia is threatening Parco della Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi.
If you will answer correctly to the questions, you will be able to chase her away and become a member of the special force of the Park Rangers.
And now... good luck!

Home Sweet Home

It is a quiz with images and score, created to test and spread information on the inhabitants of the sea, and in particular of Riserva Naturale Marina di Miramare. The test is divided into environment categories: the grassland, the tidal area, the sand, the rock; in each environment there are four images of animals, but only one of them really belongs to the environment described. Discover which animal it is!

Let's Color the Park


To have fun, color the pages and read the tale taken from “Scoprinatura”, an interactive didactic volume for children of Riserva Naturale Abbadia di Fiastra.

Children in the Park

Parco di Veio is a large area situated in the north of Rome, with several meadows and woodlands where nature is protected. You can do many things in the Park: you can walk, observe, learn to find the way, draw nature, listen to its sounds and smell its perfume...

Let's Color

To better know Riserva Naturale Marina di Miramare...
Color your animal. Choose with a click the part to color and choose the color.

Surfing the Web, Coloring, Creating

Bookmark of Parco dell'Appia Antica

Games in Appia Antica

Parco Regionale dell’Appia Antica puts at your disposal a series of games to carry out a virtual visit of the most beautiful and important monuments of the Park, and discover news and curiosities, download and print the bookmarks or the drawings to color, to have fun far from the computer...

The Puzzles of the Parks

Genio, the Gecko of Partenio!

Play with the puzzles of Genio, suggested by Parco del Partenio. Click on your favorite season

Print Genio (WORD file - 196 Kb)

Genio, the Gecko of Partenio!

The Puzzle of Riserva Naturale Marina di Miramare

To test your skills of player and expert of the marine environment, try to recreate the puzzle in 20 pieces.


Ciccio Riccio

Play with Ciccio Riccio

Play with the games suggested by Riserva Naturale Regionale Tevere Farfa.

  • Chi lo sa - Martino needs your help; he has been invited to a quiz and must answer to twenty-one questions in order to make a good score...

  • Ciccio - Ciccio Riccio is navigating along the river on a trunk... but along the way he will have to solve the problems in order to get to the destination!

  • Eggs

  • Memory - Each Park has its rules: our Park has its rules too, which are indicated by the panels.

  • Hangman - In our Park there are many animals... Some of them have very particular names! Could you recognize them?

  • Indaga - Do you want to discover if you are a good detective? Wear Sherlock Holmes' hat and go with Ciccio Riccio in the Park while he is looking for tracks.

  • Martin - It's night and Martino, on the look-out on a tree, can see only the shadows of his friends... could you help him to recognize them also in the dark? Click on the name of the bird you think the shadow belongs to.

The Games of Riserve Naturali Senesi

Riserve Naturali Senesi give you the opportunity to discover the territory and play!
  • The Puzzle of the Animals
  • The Game of Tracks
  • The Game of Sounds
  • Let's Create the Reserve
  • The Quiz

The Games of Parco di Veio