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Positive results from the information meeting organized by the Help Desks in Barisciano

(13 Mag 16) Positive evaluation for the first of the information meetings planned within the activity of the Help Desks of the Praterie Project, which aims at continuing the commitment to spread the themes of common interest resulted from the participatory process for the drafting of the guidelines on pastures.

The meeting was organized in collaboration with the Municipality to meet the territory's realities revolving around the help desks in Assergi and Barisciano, and involving the municipalities of Barisciano, Calascio, Carapelle Calvisio, Castelvecchio Calvisio, Castel del Monte, Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Navelli.

They managed to achieve the goal of analyzing in depth the new regional, national and community law opportunities involving the businesses from the agricultural-forest-sheep farming sector, the local economic actors, the tourist facilities network, the territorial promotion associations, the citizens and the young people willing to launch start-up companies in harmony with the sustainability model proposed by the Park.

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Protected area: Diverse  |  Fonte: PN Gran Sasso - Progetto Life Praterie
Information meeting in Barisciano
Information meeting in Barisciano
One of the themes discussed
One of the themes discussed
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