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The European Day of Parks 2009

24th May 1909 - 24th May 2009: 100 Years of Parks in Europe
(06 Mag 09)

The European Day of Parks will be celebrated on 24th May and, as every year, the initiative of the European Federation of Parks repeats itself, to remind the day when in 1909 the first European park was established in Sweden. This date has without a doubt a great symbolic value, and for this reason it is celebrated throughout Europe. The theme chosen for the 2009 edition is dedicated to "Youth - The Future of Our Parks", in order to focus on the strategic role of the new generations.

In Italy the celebrations will last more than one day and will consist of a rich program including meetings, tours, exhibitions, and environmental activities organized by each Park Authority.

Also this year, The Italian Park Portal, presents an overall view of these initiatives, with some news: all the initiatives are now visible in chronological order and the search can be made by region, or issue, clicking on one of the terms of the tag clouds. Each initiative is visible in its local context, together with the other initiatives signaled by each Park Authority, following the link of the Park, and clicking then on "events".

Many other initiatives will be added in the next few days and the page will be automatically updated, offering the readers a better information service.

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The European Day of Parks 2009
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