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A Charming Nature, at times Unknown and Seldom Visited by Tourists...

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... combining with the richness of the landscapes and the historical and artistic beauties, the result of the toil and wits of man during the centuries.
The Nature Reserves of the Province of Arezzo include unique natural environments and the visitor looking for a direct contact with nature will be able to pick and choose among scenery of unequalled beauty: the charm of the calcareous cliffs of “Sasso di Simone” and the green rocks of “Monti Rognosi”; the cool appeal of the forests of “Alta Valle del Tevere - Monte Nero” and the wooden patriarchs of “Bosco di Montalto”; the charm of the cliff of “Alpe della Luna” and the calm waters of the river Arno in “Ponte Buriano e Penna” and “Valle dell'Inferno e Bandella”.

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