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Almond Polentina Astigiana
It is a soft cake, usually characterized by a small size. Its ingredients are wheat flour, sugar, eggs, butter, almonds, raisins, and Maraschino liquor.
Category: Sweets
Bonèt is produced in many areas of Piedmont. It is a round or rectangular dessert, according to the mold used. It is prepared with eggs, sugar, milk, amaretti biscuits, plain cocoa powder, rum.
Category: Sweets
Hazelnut Cake
The Hazelnut Cake is produced above all in the Langhe (Cuneo), but also in the rest of Piedmont. It weighs 500-700 grams, has a brown color, and a hazelnut taste.
Category: Sweets
Hazelnut Nougat
Hazelnut Nougat is produced in Alba and in the Langhe (Cuneo), in Asti and surroundings, and in other areas of Piedmont. It has the shape or a more or less thick parallelepiped, a white color. It has hazelnuts inside and is covered on two sides by a very...
Category: Sweets
Palio Cake
Palio Cake is a round cake, brushed with liquor and covered with melted dark chocolate and chocolate flakes. It is prepared with wheat flour, sugar, eggs, honey, butter, chocolate, and liquor (Maraschino, amaretto liquor, etc.).
Category: Sweets
It is a soft and ring-shaped cake with a light golden color, which is spread with sugar. It is prepared with wheat flour, sugar, milk, butter, egg yolks, yeast, and a pinch of salt.
Category: Sweets
Asparagus of Piedmont
The Asparagus is cultivated in various areas of Piedmont and is harvested between April and June. The edible part is represented by the white turions with a more or less intense green top and pink-violaceous shades.
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Asti Square Sweet Pepper
Asti Square Sweet Pepper is cultivated in the homonymous Municipality and in the Municipalities of Tanaro Valley (Asti). It is harvested from July to October. The plant is rather strong, has many leaves, and is characterized by a high productivity.
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Astigiane Onions
Astigiane Onions are cultivated in Asti and in the Municipalities of Tanaro Valley (Asti). They are harvested in late August. They have two different typologies: Bionda, with a rounded shape, and Rossa, with an elongate piriform bulb.
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Astigiano Golden Celery
Astigiano Golden Celery is cultivated in Asti and in all the Municipalities of Tanaro Valley (Asti) and is harvested in autumn. The plant has a high growing strength; the leaves are large and straight, with central ribs of an intense golden-yellow color;...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Gobbo Cardoon of Nizza Monferrato
Gobbo Cardoon of Nizza Monferrato belongs to the variety Spadone. It is cultivated in the Municipality of Nizza Monferrato and in the adjacent Municipalities (Asti). It is harvested between the first ten days of October and the end of November.
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Val Tiglione Artichoke
Locally known as Carciofo del Sorì, it is an artichoke variety with no thorns. It has tapered and egg-shaped heads with a slight depression on the top.
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Lingue di suocera
The same dough used to prepare breadsticks, but kneaded in three stages, gives birth to the so-called lingue di suocera (literally, mother-in-law tongues), a specialty of Rocchetta Tanaro. First of all, a leavening period with leaven, flour, and water;...
Category: Bread
Piemontese Cattle
Piemontese cattle is bred everywhere in Piedmont, especially in the Provinces of Turin, Asti and, above all, Cuneo. Oxen have a gray or very light brown coat, with black hair on the head (especially around the eye-sockets), on the neck, on the shoulders,...
Category: Autochthonous Breed and Meat
The so-called Plin are produced in the Province of Cuneo (especially in the Langhe), in Upper Monferrato Alessandrino and Astigiano, and in some Municipalities of the Province of Turin. They are small and irregular bags of thin sheets of pasta dough...
Category: Rice Pasta and Cereals
Rustica is a savory pie made with cheese. It is obtained from a sort of sheet of pasta dough and a combination of soft and hard cheese. It has a round shape, a diameter of about 20cm and a weigh of about 500 grams.
Category: Rice Pasta and Cereals
Frisse are meat balls prepared with various plucks and pork meat, wrapped up in pork omentum. Frisse have the size of a walnut and weigh about 50 grams.
Category: Cold Cuts
Bagna Càuda
Bagna Càuda, literally "hot sauce", is a sauce widespread in Piedmont, usually eaten in autumn and winter. It is prepared with anchovies, garlic, extra-virgin olive oil, and butter.
Category: Further Products
Bagnèt Verd
Bagnèt Verd is a rather liquid and green sauce widespread in Piedmont. The original recipe was invented by Giovanni Vialardi, Carlo Alberto's chef and confectioner, with parsley, garlic, hard-boiled egg yolk, soft parts of bread, vinegar, salt,...
Category: Further Products
Carpione is a dressing produced in Piedmont. It has a scented aroma and a strong taste for the presence of vinegar, onions, garlic, oil, salt, spices (pepper, etc.), and aromatic herbs (sage, etc.). It is used to dress fried bread-crumbed meat, fish,...
Category: Further Products
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