Itinerary E - Km 30 - Borgo Cornalese, Casanova Abbey, and Villa Cavour

  • Trail Conditions: By bike
  • Interest: Religion, Hystory, Photography

    Almost a ring-route, this itinerary straying from the river Po gives the opportunity to experience a nice detour in the countryside, looking for an ancient village, an abbey, and the villa of a famous historical character. Borgo Cornalese, a well-preserved rural settlement, dates back to the year 1000, when it was founded by nuclei of Hungarians and Bulgarians who decided to settle near the river Po. Casanova Abbey, characterized by sober and interesting Baroque architectural features, is still managed by monks. Villa Cavour, obtained from a pre-existing castle, was the favorite residence of the famous Prime Minister, who is buried here. Its halls house a museum, while outdoors there is a large park. The itinerary crosses some creeks and streams coming from Pianalto di Poirino: the most important one is Banna.

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    Villa Cavour in Santena
    Villa Cavour in Santena
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