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Typical Products


Wine About 750.000 hectoliters of wine are produced every year in the province of Siena: they mainly come form the twelve DOC (registered designation of origin) and by the five DOCG wines characterizing the area of Siena. They are quality wines confirming the vine growing and wine producing vocation of this territory.

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There are three kinds of oil produced in the province of Siena which are protected by the quality label. They are three different high-quality brands, obtained from the typical cultivars Frantoio, Correggiolo, Moraiolo, and Leccino.

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The cheese obtained from sheep's milk, above all Pecorino Toscano PDO, is a cause of pride for the dairy activity of the area of Siena. Pienza is without a doubt the capital for this kind of product.

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Bread and Pasta

In Siena the bread is insipid. That is without salt, white bread which is perfect to eat together with the tasty charcuterie of Siena. As far as pasta is concerned, in Siena there are the so-called "Pici", that is hand-made long and stumpy spaghetti.

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Meat and Charcuterie

Cinta Senese is a breed already present in Siena since the 14th century. The animals live in a semi-wild state and provide high-quality meat. From the Chianina breed, the cow with a rosy meat, we obtain the "fiorentina" steak.

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Herbs and Spices

Evidence of the centuries in which Siena represented a crossroads for spices, Saffron is today one of the most important products of the province, which is an ideal habitat also for several aromatic plants like Calamint and Moench which acquire here particularly intense scents.

Cereals and Legumes

Cereals In Siena chick peas and beans are cultivated in small quantities: they are delicate and sapid at the same time, and in them you can find all the contrasts of a province enclosing both sweetness and harshness, both small villages and boundless hilly landscapes.

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Mushrooms and Truffles

In Crete Senesi white truffles grow: they are precious for their aroma and their characteristic spherical shape, which is possible exactly for the friability of the underground.

Honey and Jams

High-quality acacia honey is produced in Siena: it derives from the work of bees which are free to move on unpolluted flowers.