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25th Birthday of the Park (1985-2010): a rich program of events

The Board of Directors approves the celebrations for the 25th Birthday of the Protected Area

Logo 25 anni Press release 26th November 2009
In January 2010, Apuane Park will be 25 years old. An important stage of the sometimes hard route of experience and development, often full of obstacles and difficulties. However, at the same time, important results have been achieved. In order to recall the Park achievements and its future goals, the Park Authority has planned a rich calendar of initiatives that will be held from 27th November 2009 until Christmas 2010.
The Park 25th Birthday will also have a title - "The value of the Earth" - highlighting the priority strategy of the enhancement of the main natural resources of the protected area, also including the sought-after recognition of Alpi Apuane as Unesco-Geopark.

Program of the 25th Birthday