Parco Naturale Regionale Bosco Incoronata


From Foggia Historical Town Center to Bosco Incoronata Regional Park

Itinerary by Bike

  • Trail Conditions: By bike
  • Length: 12 km

The itinerary, about 12 km long, connects Foggia historical town center to Bosco Incoronata Regional Park (whose management is entrusted to the Municipality of Foggia, web site through a secondary road mainly following the ancient sheep track "Tratturo San Lorenzo". This sheep track, like the others in the provincial territory, has been used for centuries by the transhumant shepherds who used to lead their sheep from Abruzzi to the pastures of Tavoliere.
The name of the sheep track derives from its proximity to San Lorenzo in Carmignano, a medieval town documented by original sources already in 1092 and, about one century later, described as castrum near the grand residence of Frederick II.
Today only the small church remains, but the University of Foggia is carrying out excavation campaigns to enhance the site. The itinerary continues towards Borgo Cervaro, a town planned and built during the twenty years of Fascism which has maintained the particular architectures of the period and, for this reason, has become a location for various fictions set in that period. Immediately after crossing the stream Cervaro, the route turns left to Madonna dell'Incoronata Sanctuary (where the statue of the Black Madonna is worshipped), also representing the gateway to the Regional Park: various trails, also cycle paths, leave from here and lead to the most natural and charming areas of the forest.

  • Itinerary: from Foggia Cathedral to Corso Garibaldi, Via Vittime Civili, Viale Ofanto, Viale Europa, Tratturo San Lorenzo. Near San Lorenzo Church in Carmignano, go beyond the railway line on the left and then turn immediately right. Go straight ahead to the stream Cervaro and then turn left to Incoronata Sanctuary, whose bell tower is already visible from the outskirts of Foggia.

Itinerary prepared in association with Cicloamici FIAB - Foggia.
For information and more details: - Park Offices 0881/814098 - Fax 0881/814094 - E-mail:

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