European Path 1

  • Trail Conditions: On foot

    It connects the whole Europe: the stretch crossing Umbria includes 11 laps and covers 180 km.
    The trail, crossing Piani di Colfiorito, has been drawn by FIE (Federazione Italiana Escursionismo - Italian Hiking Association).

    The stretch of the European Path E1 crossing Umbria leaves from Bocca Trabaria, near Città di Castello, and after crossing the whole ridge of the Apennines of the region, it reaches Castelluccio di Norcia. The first stretch, with Mt. Nerone (1,525m), Mt. Catria (1,701m), and Mt. Cucco (1,566m), is characterized by clashing environments, from large beech woodlands to dry and bare landscapes. Continuing towards the south, you will cross the tourist localities of Valsorda and Mt. Alago, as well as the marsh of Colfiorito, a wetland of international naturalistic interest.
    The last stretch is characterized by the chain of Sibillini Mountains, with Mt. Vettore (2,476m) and Castelluccio, the 11th and last lap before leaving the wonderful Umbria. 22 demanding kilometers but accessible on horseback or by bike and, during the winter, with cross-country skis.

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