The Local Products of Colli di Bergamo Park

Thanks to its various geomorphological and climatic features, Colli di Bergamo Park offers several and unexpected local products, as demonstrated by a recent study carried out by the Association Slow Food-Legambiente which has presented Atlante dei prodotti tipici dei Parchi Italiani and by the survey carried out by the University of Milan within "The Pattern" Life Project. These research activities highlighted the presence of companies complying with the environmental sustainability parameters established by the check-list prepared by Wagenigen University in Holland. Environmental sustainability is established according to parameters for the analysis of the environmental quality of the production process (biomass flow, non-renewable resources flow, cultivation calendars, etc.) and for the analysis of the real environmental impact of the companies on the territory (soil exploitation, energy resources used, rotation, intermixed crops, soil conditioning, phytosanitary measures).

The excellent products that have passed the above-mentioned tests are:

  • Organic honey and by-products (Propolis, essential oils, pollen, royal jelly)
  • Small organic fruits
  • Salami obtained from Bergamasca sheep
  • Plain-leaved Endive of Bergamo
  • Valcalepio red and white wine DOC
  • Brut Wine classic method
  • Extra-virgin olive oil produced with organic olives
  • IGT wine tipico bergamasco
  • IGT wine incrocio Terzi

Further information

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The small polenta, with a flattening semi-spheric shape, consists of three strata of sponge cake filled with more or less liqueur-like nut chocolate cream. Its size goes from the single-portion cake to the classic cake.
Category: Sweets
Stracciatella is not only a soup, but also one of the most known ice-creams all over Italy: a few people know that this ice-cream was invented in the area of Bergamo.
Category: Sweets
The plain-leaved endive of Bergamo is now very rare, beside being delicious: the white heart is fragrant and crisp and the taste is delicate. The best way to appreciate its taste is to eat it fresh, but you can also cook it and eat it with polenta...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
It is one of the most important Italian sheep breeds, and it is spreading from Lombardy (where there are 150 thousands heads) to other Italian regions. Bergamasca sheep is characterized by a big size, white fleece, long and dropping ears, long legs,...
Category: Autochthonous Breed and Meat
The designation Valcalepio, created in 1976, is reserved to wines produced on the piedmont hills in the north of the town of Bergamo, along a semi-circular strip which is a dozen kilometers wide, going from Almenno, in the west, to Sarnico and Grumello,...
Category: Wine
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