Honeydew Honey of Conero Park

Honeydew is very appreciated by bees, which collect it from several vegetables and transform it into a very characteristic honey. Generally, it represents the second harvest, during the summer.
It is a particular product with well-defined microscopic organoleptic and chemical-physical features.
The honeydew honey of Conero Park has the following organoleptic features: it has a dark amber color and remains liquid for a long time, medium-intense caramelized and malt scent, not very sweet taste with an intense fruity-malt aroma.
Microscopic features: the main pollen types characterizing honeydew honey in variable proportions are Asparagus acutifolius, Rubus ulmifolius, Umbelliferae, various leguminous plants, etc.; among the species without nectar but where abundant honeydew is produced, we must remind the oaks. The product is richer in mineral salts than nectar honey (above all potassium).

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