Cervia Sea Salt

The origins of Cervia salt pans date back to very ancient times. Somebody links them to the Etruscans, others to the Greek colonization quoting, in order to support this hypothesis, the old place name of Cervia, Ficocle, of Greek origins. Anyway, one thing is certain: the salt production in these areas was already flourishing and source of rich trades at the times of the Romans. In the Middle Ages, the salt of Cervia was essential for the economy of the whole Romagna, Marca Anconitana, and even some areas of Lombardy. And it covers gradually broader salt pans. The growth of the salt pans is such that, in 1698, the ancient settlement of Cervia, threatened by water, had to be "dismantled" and rebuilt at two kilometers of distance. Its past linked to the salt production is witnessed by "Magazzini del Sale" (the Salt Stores), San Michele tower, and the quad of the houses of the salt workers in the historical town center.

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Salt collection
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Locality: Cervia (RA)
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