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In our valleys, the diet was mainly based on what the land offered, considering the limited availability of agricultural resources and production structures. Therefore, traditional meals included polenta, legumes, dairy products, meat, and eggs. Hunting was a rather widespread practice, since it provided a double benefit: on the one hand the sale of the animal skin, and on the other hand the use of its meat. Today we could find many restaurants offering courses and products of the past

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'Pitina' (Petuccia)
Local product with different names according to the production area: Peta (in Andreis and Barcis), Petuccia (in Claut), or Pitina (in Val Tramontina). Originally, it was a way to preserve meat in autumn and winter. In the past, it mainly consisted of...
Category: Cold Cuts
Strips of salted, dried, and smoked meat.
Category: Cold Cuts
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