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Tours in the Park

The service of "Escursioni nel Parco", a thick calendar of guided visits characterized by different typologies and difficulties, is open to everyone; it consists of appointments during which it is possible to gather the experiences of the tour guides and the people in charge of the different aspects of the protected area (cultural tours, climbing, scientific observations, etc.).

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Tours in the Park

Naturalistic-Ethnographic Itineraries

They are characterized by short didactic visits, in easily accessible places, suitable for any group.


  • development of the issues linked to the environment and to the "life" in the alpine and prealpine areas
  • visit to some points of interest characterizing the Park

They are representative itineraries, with different features and, sometimes, strictly linked to the reference structures: Visitor Centers and Ethnographic Museums, which are used both as integration elements of the visit and as logistic reference points.

Naturalistic-Ethnographic Itineraries

Environment Itineraries

Tours with self-managed overnight stay in 'casera'

Two days completely surrounded by the Park environment, with self-management experience.
An approach to the alpine environment aimed at the knowledge of the alpine environment and at the same time at becoming aware of the importance of its natural preservation.

Environment Itineraries

The Park Tour Guides

Mountain tour guides and naturalistic tour guides will lead visitors during guided visits, tours, and outdoor activities. Experts in environmental education will support pupils and students during specific didactic activities suggested by the service "A scuola nel Parco"

The Park Nature Tour Guides

Sport-Recreational Activities

  • "Eco-climbing" Formula
    The game of climbing.
    The naturalistic tour in the field is associated with the observation and the knowledge of the Park, with a simple approach to sport climbing, in a really safe manner.
    The climbing demonstration is carried out by a Mountain Tour Guide.

  • "Ice-Land" Formula
    At school on the snow and the ice.
    Simple approach to the frozen soil.
    How to move safely on the ice.
    The demonstration on the frozen soil is carried out by a Mountain Tour Guide.

  • "Racchette da neve" Formula
    At direct contact with snow.
    Short tours with naturalistic observations on the snow-clad territory.

Sport-Recreational Activities

Environmental Education

Dolomiti Friulane Park represents a reference point in the territory for:

  • environmental education activities
  • naturalistic didactics
  • sport activity

The Visitor Centers house:

  • didactic routes
  • thematic exhibits
  • meeting halls
  • archives and thematic libraries
  • small guest houses

For schools and for organized groups, the didactic routes of the Visitor Centers can be activated, by previous booking, during the whole year.
The goal of the Park Authority is to create a Visitor Center in each Municipality of the protected area.

The Park offers to schools "At school in the Park", a wide range of naturalistic and ethnographic itineraries linked to the local Visitor Centers and Ethnographic Museums.

Environmental Education
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