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Fiorone of Torre Canne
The fiorone is the first among the figs to ripen in summer; the cultivation of the figs developed in the post-war period to meet the need of highly energetic products. Further information
Category: Fruit
Organic thyme honey of the Park
The natural essences of the Park - such as thyme and wild mint growing on the fossil dunes and on the "lame" - are visited by the bees thanks to which an organic honey, with a strong flavor and intense shades is produced. Further information
Category: Honey
Quality Brands:
BIO - Organic Farming
Oil from the monumental olive trees of the Salento's variety called Ogliarola
The centuries-old trees of the Salento's Ogliarola variety are the same which gave the olive oil to the Romans, the Byzantines, the Normans, the Aragonese people too. The olive oil is produced with organic farming methods marked with the words "da...
Category: Oil
Regina tomato of Torre Canne
It is a small and round tomato variety, with limited water needs, harvested in summer and consumed until late winter; the thick peel (due to the salty water) makes this variety parasite resistant and suitable to a long conservation in bunches - called...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Quality Brands:
Slow Food Presidium
Eels and golden grey mullets of the ancient aquaculture plants
Fish farming is an ancient practice in the Park's lake areas. Today, a spring water regulation system connected with the sea still provides the eels and the golden mullets, caught with certified organic methods, for the typical dishes of the Christmas...
Category: Fish
Senatore Cappelli organic durum wheat pasta
The Senatore Cappelli durum wheat variety is obtained from crossbreeds dating back to the beginning of the last century; today it is cultivated with organic methods within the arable lands of the "masserie" of the Park. The whole production chain is organic....
Category: Rice Pasta and Cereals
Quality Brands:
BIO - Organic Farming
Soaps of the Park
Workshop of natural phyto cosmetics for the body care and wellness. Soaps and other cosmetic products are made with the vegetal raw materials coming from the territory. They contain PDO extra-virgin olive oil, supplied by the local producers of the Park...
Category: Further Products
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