Parco delle Groane e della Brughiera Briantea

Groane Polveriera Park Center

Park Center in the former Ceriano/Solaro Powder Store

Via della Polveriera, 2 (Str. Statale 527 Km. 14)
20020 Solaro (MI)
Municipality: Solaro
Region: Lombardia

Tel. 02/9698141 - Fax 02/96790196

The recently renovated building, characterized by a functional and elegant architecture, is situated in a strategic position with respect to the main ways of communication. It houses several offices, among which the offices of the Local Police Department, the GEV offices, and the Environmental Education Office. The Info Point offers the bike rental service "Gira Groane". It also houses a multipurpose hall for public or private events that can welcome 150 guests.

Thanks to the funds allocated by the Ministry of the Environment, the Province of Milan, the European Union, and the Region, the former sentry post at Ceriano and Solaro Powder Store became in 1996 the first Groane Park Center.
The offices of Consorzio Parco Groane cover an area of 700 square meters and house the offices of the Local Police Department, GEV (Guardie Ecologiche Volontarie), and Environmental Education. Although modern and elegant, the Center interprets the environment and history of the territory and adapts to them: this is demonstrated by the big multipurpose hall (342 square meters) with 150 seats, evoking the old Hoffmann kilns of Groane, both in the shape and in the use of fired bricks as finish material, with a big glass wall opening facing the Park woodlands.
The Visitor Center was inaugurated in December 2008. The Center houses not only the bike rental point of the Park, but also a multimedia station of naturalistic didactics (botany-wildlife), providing visitors an "interactive" instrument to immediately recognize the natural features (plants or animals, etc.) observed during a walk along the cycling-pedestrian route network which, with its 35 km, represents a unique feature of the regional park.
Planned by the architect Fabio Lopez Nunes, Groane Park Center represents thus a reference point for visitors, an open place where it is possible to promote environmental culture and the discovery of nature, but also a reference point for a European Park system: as a matter of fact, the Consortium is member of the European Park Federation and has been included in the network of Sites of Community Importance.
The Park Offices are accessible by bike, thanks to the network of cycling routes or by car from the SS road Saronno - Monza.

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Services: info service, conference hall, private or institutional initiatives, environmental education workshop, bike rental service, guided visit service.
Office Headquarters
Office Headquarters
Information Point
Information Point
Headquarters' Entrance
Headquarters' Entrance
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