Yellow Itinerary

  • Trail Conditions: On foot
  • Interest: Flora
  • Departure: Ponte Verde

The Yellow Itinerary represents an alternative to the Green Itinerary: always leaving from Ponte Verde, you will reach Prato Pascolo, going beyond a dirt trail lined with young mulberry trees on the left and imposing willow trunks on the right, pruned according to the tradition, with branch lopping at the end of the summer.
Near the big lime tree, follow a much longer road leading to Cascina Vittoria, to Lungomuro, to the two trees of Romitaggio, and then to the alley of the Horse Chestnuts (but taken in the opposite direction), and then to La Mandria Castle. It is a route taking much more time than the previous one. Then you will find the Red Itinerary, similar to the present one, but leaving from Druento entrance, and not from Ponte Verde.

Yellow Itinerary
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