Red Itinerary

  • Trail Conditions: On foot
  • Interest: Flora
  • Departure: Druento

It has the same ten stations of the Yellow Itinerary, but it is organized in a different way: the departure point is the access gate of Druento.

Beyond the gate, you will notice on your right the long trail Lungomuro, presenting part of the biodiversity characterizing the Park (oaks, hornbeams, elders, hazelnut trees, dogwood, willows). Go ahead until you reach Strada Rubbianetta and turn right towards Cascina Romitaggio. In the middle of the farm courtyard you will find a White Mulberry (Morus alba), not particularly big but well-developed. It has not undergone the traditional trimming methods often used on the mulberries growing on the borders of the estates. The leaves are big, heart-shaped, and reach the 20cm of length. The trunk divides into two big branches.
From the fence, you can already see the second tree: it is a Pedunculate Oak (Quercus robur) growing at the edge of the road. This specimen (it is tree no. 590) has one of the most beautiful foliage of this tree species: circular, globular, with primary and second branches freely developing with no obstacles or competition. About 15 meter high, a radius of 7 meters, it has a trunk with a circumference of 325cm at breast height. If you observe from close up the trunk on the side facing the fence, you will notice at about 3 meters from the ground a healed wound: it is an old wound caused by a lightning, from which the tree could recover. The oak, like chestnut trees, larches, and sequoia, can recover from this kind of trauma. On the contrary, this rarely happens with planetrees, not able to recover from the damages caused by the high temperature.

Red Itinerary
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