Parco regionale del Matese


Lete Caves

Situated above the Dam of the Lake of Letino, on two parallel plans at a distance of about 89 meters one from the other, they are of indescribable beauty, with stalactite and stalagmite games. The upper gallery wedges itself in the mountain and is characterized by a thick vegetation and by several small waterfalls of the river plunging towards the Volturno Valley. The lower gallery has been dug into the rock by the waters of the river Lete.
The caves are not yet adequately equipped, and to visit them it is necessary to use ladders and ropes, and to be led by a guide. The wonderful phenomena of these karstic cavities, stalactites, stalagmites, potholes, various concretions, pay for the effort of the adventurous hiker. Among the fauna of the cavern there is, besides the natural inhabitants of caves and caverns, a white aquatic crustacean without eyes, and it is rather frequent to sight a butterfly with phosphorescent eyes.

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