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Multimedia didactic kit

The territory seen from the sky, a DVD talking about this territory, and a guide for teachers that would like to be a small mine of ideas to organize activities involving various disciplines. This is the main goal of the didactic kit "Sulle ali del Mincio", born from the homonymous exhibit organized by Mincio Park at Palazzo della Ragione in Mantua in 2006. In the 15th century hall, there was a "giant" aerial photogrammetry that has been scaled down in the kit (138x249cm), maintaining its feature: it gives the opportunity to observe the landscape from a unique point of view, that is from 4,000m of height and guarantees a dynamic and appealing approach.
The kit is an instrument created for the primary schools of all the Park Municipalities, addressed in particular to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th classes and with which it is possible to use several landscape reading keys (the shapes, the drawing of the watercourses or the fields, the green geometries, the presence of urban centers...) from which it is possible to organize activities involving various subject matters, applying mathematical or geometrical formulas, discovering the etymology of names, orienting yourself looking for the school courtyard or the roof of your house, or simply playing.
The kit consists of a central element - the maxi puzzle - and two didactic supports: La Guida per gli insegnanti, analyzing the issues dealt with by the six characters "telling" in the DVD the protected area.
The Kit "Sulle ali del Mincio" has been published with the support of the Province of Mantua, Department of the Environment, and Fondazione Cariverona within the "environment" announcement of 2008.
  • Year: 2009

Notes: Info: Parco del Mincio - Communication and Environmental Education Service
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Il Parco in Aula
Il Parco in Aula
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