Forti, torri e castelli: il Mincio e la guerra

Paperback on four itineraries describing "Mincio and war", walking history by bike.
The four itineraries are entitled "Mura, torri, rocche e castelli dell'Alto Mincio" ("Walls, towers, fortresses and castles of the upper Mincio"), "Peschiera-Mantova: il lato occidentale del Quadrilatero" (Peschiera Mantua: the Quadrilatero's western side), "Mantova fortezza: un percorso tra arte e guerra" (Mantua fortress: an itinerary between art and war)  realized in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Mantua, "Il Serraglio: le terre tra Mincio e Po" ("Serraglio: the lands between Mincio and Po).
This publication provides a tourist promotion and enhancement tool by proposing some historic-nature cycle itineraries allowing us to visit works and architectures, places and monuments that today are the symbols of these territories' military history. The walls, towers, fortresses and castles from the age of the Scaligeri, Visconti and Gonzaga families, such as the castles in Monzambano, Ponti sul Mincio, Pozzolengo, Solferino, Cavriana, Castellaro Lagusello and Volta Mantovana, marked the boundaries between the Venetian lands and those of Mantua's territory, and today they still mark the Upper Mincio's landscape. From these places visitors will be able to reach Peschiera and Mantua, where it is still possible to see the military signs that made the rivers Mincio, Adige and Po and the territories included among them turn into a war machine able to endure.
  • Author/s: Claudia Bonora Previdi
Forti, torri e castelli: il Mincio e la guerra
Forti, torri e castelli: il Mincio e la guerra
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