Parco Naturale del Monte San Bartolo


Trail no. 3: Vincolungo Trail

  • Trail Conditions: On foot
  • Interest: Flora, Wildlife, Panorama, Archeology, Hystory
  • Duration: 2 hour/s
  • Difficulty Level: intermediate
  • Difference in height: 140m

Along the road Statale Adriatica, at the height of the kindergarten in Colombarone, you can enter the town and park your car.
Traversa Vincolungo is the narrow and slightly uphill street crossing a rural area scattered with houses. Along the road, you will see some old and charming oaks, a feature which was in the past much more common along the roads not only of the Park, but of the whole Region. A few hundred meters farther on you can make a brief detour to observe a niche dedicated to the Virgin Mary and dating back to the first half of the 19th century (however, some documents in the parish archive demonstrate its presence already in the 17th century).
Then, heading northwards you will enter a woodland area, and subsequently cultivated areas; you will meet the Panoramic Road leading to a panoramic plateau provided with tables, benches, and an exhibit case. You will be able to get to this point in less than one hour walk, and then you can decide whether retrace your steps or go ahead along the Panoramic Road towards Casteldimezzo, another little town of medieval origin you can reach in only 20 minutes. It is interesting to notice how this itinerary follows the ancient road running not very far from the late-Roman villa (4th-6th centuries AD) - which was found during the excavations in Colombarone, still in progress - characterized by the presence of many mosaics made both with black and white tesserae and with polychrome tesserae.
Another important example of how the trails of San Bartolo give the opportunity to combine the naturalistic features with the historical-cultural features.

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